Commission Information

Contact me via my twitter DM's.

1. Payment is due before I start on the commission. Payments will be done via Paypal Invoices. Tips are quite welcome!

2. Provide visual references-- it makes things MUCH easier for me.

3. Refunds are available ONLY before I start on the commission.

4. Commissions might take a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on life and my health. I will send WIP's throughout the process!

5. I have the right to reject any commission requests, for whatever reason.

6. I am allowed to use your commissions as future examples for commissions, portfolio, ect.

7. You can use art commissioned from me for personal use, but do NOT edit or use it for profit.

8. You must credit me for my art wherever it's posted. A link back to any of my social medias/sites would be nice, but my username is enough.

9. Since this is a thing now, using my art for NFT's is strictly prohibited.

Fanart Mecha
Furry's Heavy Gore
Light Gore Anything Hateful


Name : (Your username)Commission Type : (Chibi /Bust / ect.)Character Reference : (Image or page link)Expression + Pose : (If relevant. Text descriptions for this is fine, but if you have visual examples it'd help a lot)Other : (Anything else I should know/keep in mind?)Email : (Your email you use for paypal.)

Ko-Fi Sketches

If you buy me a Ko-Fi, you can request a simple, quick sketch!

More Ko-Fi's can mean more than one character for the sketches, or quick soft coloring. (3~4 Ko-Fi's), depending on what you want.

I would prefer regular commission money to be sent via paypal invoices, however, if you are sending money for that and not simply donating. So only send kofis for sketches, or simple donations.

Simple Reference - $50